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Kristen Cheesman, LMFT

I attended Cornell University and Loyola Marymount University, and obtained a Master's Degree in Marital and Family Therapy and Clinical Art Therapy. I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 1996.  I have specialized training in art therapy and play therapy and have used these consistently in both my therapy work and my CFI work.  I have experience combining family systems and attachment theory in supporting families.

I have worked in community mental health, both in a group home setting and with Mental Health Partners.  This work offered extensive opportunity to work with chronic mental illness, addiction, family systems, and comprehensive care.  I have worked in schools as a school-based therapist, and gained experience in special education services and processes, ways to support children behaviorally, academically, socially and with family issues.  In addition to individual support for students I offered Family Change and Children of Alcoholics support groups to students.  I was the Associate Director of a group practice in Longmont for 12 years, and helped create and support a number of community programs including tobacco cessation, employee assistance services, and community support for hoarding and homelessness.  I have been a provider on most large insurance company panels since 2001, which has helped me develop a focused ability to identify and justify needs and treatment.

I have been a Child and Family Investigator since 2010 in several Judicial Districts in the State and have conducted hundreds of investigations since that time.

In my free time, I foster puppies for a local dog rescue, enjoy cycling and hiking, and love to travel to visit my adult children.  


Susie Bosley, MEd

I spent 29 years as the Health Education Teacher at Centennial Middle School in the Boulder Valley School District.  In my mind, I had the best job in the world and approached it with dedication, passion, and compassion. For parents and guardians, before you imagine the less-than meaningful health class we typically had as kids, know that my experience was all about providing  progressive and comprehensive Health Education including in-depth physical, mental, emotional and social wellness topics. I held multiple leadership positions in the district, Including Health Education Teacher Leader, and planned professional development courses for other Health Educators.


For over 20 years of my career,  I facilitated student support groups which focused on the topics of coping skills, stress reduction, addiction in the family, and divorce/family change. In addition, I co-sponsored the "Allies in Diversity Club", creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth in our school, and coached the Running Club. All these aspects of my career allowed me to develop an ability to connect with youth and build supportive relationships with them. I hold a B.S. in Secondary Education with a Teaching Field of Health Education from Texas Christian University, and a Masters of Education Degree in Mental Health Practices in Schools from the University of Missouri. 

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